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Day Seven - Riggs
So on Day Two I tried to draw Riggins. It failed very badly, you can go see if you're curious. I feel like im getting better through this little project so I wanted to try and tackle him again and see how I fared.

I did much better I reckon :). Also been wanting to do a Friday Night Lights thing for ages, as its the best show there is.. ;)
Day Six - The Gang!
I wanted to clean this up a bit so I'm reuploading Day Six today!

Bit of a personal drawing, my fiance with our little pet rats, Thor and Loki. They are awesome.

Day Five - A Scrap
Another failed drawing, I struggle with drawing men and I was a little impatient here so I'm not too disappointed by this.

With Day 4 I proved to myself I can do this whole digital art thing to a level I can be proud of, so today's failed attempt doesn't bother me, I will however be prioritizing men for the remainder of this challenge, lets tackle this issue.
So I've been on this site for years before even this profile, and after a looooong period of barely any art I've recently started a little project that has rekindled my arty-ness and I don't think I'm going to be leaving again any time soon.

So back in the day i was pretty active, I was part of the complaints tavern chatroom, and had all kinds of deviant art stuff going on.

Question is, what are the best avenues to get active here again? What are some of the best chat room to get involved in, or best groups to be a part of? Which is the best way to get your stuff out there? What is this place? Who are you people?

After a long hiatus I'm back on this site and trying to get active. Ive always wanted to get into Digital art properly, and in order to do so I've challenged myself to draw something new every day.

Day one and two were shite, but the last few days I feel like im making some progress!

Here's todays and yesturdays:

Day Three - Progress? by The-Stage-Name

Day Four - Hero by The-Stage-Name

Show me yours, I'll check everyone out and leave a comment on everything because everyone likes a comment even if I am whoring them out :). If you want to do the same that would be grand but no pressure.


So DA isnt letting me comment as it things I'm spam... I will get to yours as soon as this issue is resolved ;)
Greetings to the few stragglers who still swing by this old page, but I'm coming back to art and I think I mean it this time.

So here's the deal, I love art and drawing, but I have a problem. I draw traditionally from reference, and recently I've been painting those drawings digitally. My average output on new stuff is about 2-3 a year, if that, which doesn't make any sense. 

I have this problem with art, and I think it comes down to lack of self confidence with drawing. See I'll start a new drawing, and I'll make it into a whole event, get the pencils out, clear space, and make room for where this drawing is going to sit for the next few months until I finish it, and that last bit is the problem. I start to make progress on my new drawing, it starts to look good, and then I get this mixture of procrastination, and an innate fear that if I keep going ill mess it up, and god dammit it looks good right now! So away it goes, back into my drawer, 'I'll get back to it when I'm ready'. Months pass. Eventually I reach a point where I stop being so precious and pick it up and finally finish it in a 'Fuck it ive got a new idea I need to get this one outa the way, even if i do ruin it' kinda way. I never ruin it, I'm usually happy with it, so that cycle needs to stop.

This is how I'm going to do it. The title of this entry. I've always wanted to get into digital art in a real way, mostly because it will speed me up, throw away that fear of messing a piece up, and allow me to have a bit of fun with drawing again. I've got a little wacom, and I'm taking the plunge. I'm not leaving traditional art behind, if anything I'm doing this so I can return to it a better and more effective artist. 

Im two days in, and two pieces of art down, first day was fun, today was hard. But hey, I've finished two drawings in one sitting, which is literally a miracle for me. Who knows whether tomorrow will be awesome or a mess, but its going to finished and uploaded regardless.

Have'nt done a Journal entry in a while either, mostly because O know nobody reads this page anymore, but this has been kind of therapeutic for me..  If you are reading along however, Hi there!
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